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Sourced in Pakistan, Himalayan Salt provides a whole host of benefits compared to regular table salt. While some may think that it’s a gimmick, there are tried-and-test advantages as well as reported results from regular consumers. Read on to see our top benefits for customers that choose this product!

More Minerals!

One of the biggest benefits of Himalayan Salt is that it’s packed full of minerals that you don’t get in regular salt! With more than 80 extra minerals, including potassium, calcium, and strontium, this is a great way to have nutrients in your food without massively changing your dietary habits. Everyone wants to improve their health, but not everyone can commit to sweeping changes. Himalayan Salt may be the easy-to-do change that you’ve been looking for!

Avoid Additives!

With Himalayan Salt, you can also avoid lots of the additives that come with regular salt from the supermarket. It’s a natural, hand-extracted product that doesn’t need to be processed in the same way that mass-manufactured salt is. If you’re aiming for a natural, organic, and additive-free diet, Himalayan Salt is a great addition. It gives you the flavour that you’re looking for without the bad stuff.

Happy and Healthy!

Based on claims from users of Himalayan Salt, there are a whole host of benefits attributed to using this product! Whether you use the salt as part of your cooking or for other uses, it can reportedly help with everything from improving respiratory diseases to regulating blood sugar.

A forum online claims that Himalayan Salt can:
- Improve Respiratory Diseases
- Balance the pH of the Body
- Reduce the Signs of Ageing
- Improve Sleep Quality
- Regulate Blood Sugar
- Increase Libido

It’s worth noting that these claims come from people that have previously used Himalayan Salt, rather than doctors or medical professionals. However, sodium does have proven benefits, so there’s likely to be truth in what they’ve said!

Soothing Salts!

As well as consuming Himalayan Salt, you can also use it for revitalizing baths! Using it in this way is a great way to improve your skin and soothe sore muscles. This extra use makes it ideal for those thinking about a health kick. As well as using it to reduce the additives in your food and improve the minerals you take in, you can also use it in your post-workout bath!

Want to Know More?

If you want to know more about how we provide Himalayan Salt to our customers, you can get in touch today! We can’t wait to talk with you about our range of products.