Our Story

Kash Global® is proudly a British brand that supplies the UK and international markets with a range of products for a 21st century lifestyle. While we pride ourselves on our guaranteed premium quality, our prices are affordable. At Kash Global® we make products that contribute to our customers’ 21st century life style. This simply means that our products stem from our customer’s longing for quality items they can reliably include in their contemporary lifestyle. We have personal passion for what we do hence our company name comes from our Founder’s name Malek Kashkara who has worked in international business development for pretty much his entire life.

Malek has lived in different countries and worked for prestigious international organisations before founding Kash Global®. However, he couldn’t resist his persisting passion for investing his lifelong knowledge and expertise in establishing a brand that offers distinctive products and services to customers with a sophisticated lifestyle.

Consequently, Kash Global® progressed to provide business clients worldwide with an array of supplies. Kash Global® has been notably successful in supplying world leading companies including the German oil and gas giant Wintershall with safety equipment and other items.

Working in international business development and supplies, Kash Global’s founder realised the evolving need of today’s customers for products that support their contemporary lifestyle and add value to it. This is where Kash Global’s 21st Century branded products come from. They’re products created with a lot of passion and individual attention to details from design to packaging. Please refer to Our Products’ Journey for details about every single step in our product creation journey.

Eco Friendly

We’re a green company that accounts for the environment at every stage of its operations. We make maximum use of clean energy and use natural and organic components as much as possible in the making of our products. In fact, a number of our products are 100% natural and organic.With Kash Global®, you can affordably reduce your carbon footprint with products that are useful for you and nature.

Our Vision

Kash Global® works hard to offer its customers quality sophisticated products that support their modern lifestyle while giving high consideration to the environment we live in. Our vision is an ecologically clean future with progressive products that add value to our thriving customers through practicality, affordability and style.