Kash Global offers an extensive range of packaging materials including biodegradable bags, none-woven bags, paper bags, cellophane bags, holographic bags of any colour, size and specifications. We also supply any biodegradable, plastic, paper, cellophane, holographic, burlap, jute and fabric materialsto order including all designs, shapes, sizes, colours and specifications. We’re happy to meet your needs no matter how small or big they are. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Some of the products we supply include:


  • Vest Carrier Bags

  • None-Woven Bags

  • Kraft Paper Bags

  • Kraft Paper Bottle Gift Bags

  • Luxury Stylish Burlap Bottle Bags

  • Kraft Paper Sweet Bags

  • Clear Cellophane Cone Bags

  • Kraft Paper Gift Tags

We supply a wide range of products. Please contact us regarding your requirements and we’ll get back to you with the best quality and cost-saving offers.

Eco Friendly

We’re a green company that puts environment at the heart of what it does. Our products are 100% biodegradable, fully recyclable and compostable produce that completely degrades in nature when disposed. With Kash Global, you can affordably reduce your carbon footprint with packaging that’s healthy for you and nature. However, our prices are unmatched which means you care about the environment without having to pay more.

Premium Quality

Our products are Sturdy. They offer a perfect and affordable eco alternative to conventional plastic items. Durable, reusable, tear resistant, anti-bacterial, liquid repellent, washable and reliable for different Purposes.

Vibrant colours

We produce Unique colours and qualityeye-catching hues. Any colour can be made and supplied.

Stylish Design 

Our products boast contemporary modern designs with maximised use of space. They’re foldable, lightweight and easy to carry. We can make and supply any design and shape.

Multipurpose Products

Our products can be used for myriad purposes including shopping, goodies, gifts, arts, crafts, fruits, toys, vegetables, flowers, suits, biscuits, candies, cookies, snacks, iPhones, iPads, books and other purposes for: shops, groceries, convenience stores, department stores, stalls, markets, parties, weekends, picnics, family events, festivals, carnivals and holidays.

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Premium Vest Carrier Bags

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Premium None-Woven Bags

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Premium Kraft Paper Bags

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Premium Kraft Paper Bottle Gift Bags

Luxury Stylish Burlap Bottle Bags

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Premium Kraft Paper Sweet Bags

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Premium Clear Cellophane Cone Bags

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Premium Kraft Paper Gift Tags