The World’s First Automatic Talking Hand Sanitiser Catalyst

The World’s First Automatic Talking Hand Sanitiser Catalyst

  • ✔️ UK and USA patented, works 24/7 ensuring that the sanitisation message gets to everyone passing a hand sanitizer dispenser or hand sanitiser station

  • ✔️ Save staff resource and cost and reinforce the sanitisation message via an automatic device designed to encourage people to sanitise

  • ✔️ Detects passers by, flashes a light, plays a customisable voice message to remind people to sanitise or wash hands. Can be used to pass any other messages

  • ✔️ 20 selectable languages, 26 standard messages plus recorded custom messages, 5-year/ 200,000 operations battery life. C cell or rechargeable battery

  • ✔️ Selectable voice only or illumination only or both together, adjustable volume, screw or sticky pad mount (both included), 5 year warranty


Present a sophisticated and advanced image of your place. Stand out from the crowed by passing your "sanitise your hands" message in a uniquely innovative way. Leverage our patented technology to interact with people around your place.

The voice, light and motion detection options are innovatively integrated to devise the world's first device that urges and encourages sanitisation and other protection measures. The appliance can be used at any setting and location. The sanitiser Catalyst works around the clock to ensure sanitisation, safety and indeed any other messages are passed to anyone within the range of its proximity sensor.

How It Works

The sanitiser catalyst can be installed over hand sanitiser bottles, units, dispensers or stations. It can also be fitted over hand wash dispensers or any other device or object you would like to highlight and make a call for action for.
The catalyst has a proximity sensor that detects people with in its range. When a person is detected the catalyst plays a sound, makes a voice announcement and shed lights on the object underneath it be it a hand sanitiser bottle, stand, dispenser or any other object.
You can adjust the catalyst to Just play a sound, or to just make an announcement or to just shed light or to do them all together.

Customised and Inclusive Call for Action

Almost everything in the catalyst can be customised just to enable you to pass the message you want the way you want. Lots of novel and sophisticated features that makes your call for action really wow:

Customised and Inclusive Call for Action

  • 🔴 Select from 26 pre-recorded standard messages

  • 🔴 Play your call for action in 20 widely spoken languages or;

  • 🔴 record your customised message to automatically play in the language of your choice

  • 🔴 Adjustable sound and voice volume

  • 🔴 Set assured that you call for action is passed to all your audience

  • 🔴 Reach people with visual impairment via voice and people with hearing difficulties via light

  • 🔴The system boasts a staggering 5-year battery life or 200,000 operations

Easy to Operate with 5-Year Warrantee

The system is powered by 4 C cells or rechargeable batteries that are easily available from any supermarket and are easy to replace.
You can set the device to operate with the voice only or the light only to save power. Alternatively, you can set it to operate with both together so that you reach people with visual or hearing conditions.
The device can be mounted by either screws or a 3M sticky pad. Both are included in the package. The system comes with a 5-year warranty.
The device attracts attention to sanitiser dispensers or stands or indeed to other desired devices or objects. It saves time and effort passing sanitisation, protection and other messages to people at a designated area.

Please contact us with any questions or comments using the information below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!