Premium Vest Carrier Bags

Tote Shopping Bagswith Handles Eco-Friendly100% Biodegradable Fully RecyclableCompostable Anti-Bacterial Reusable Washable for ShopsStallsGroceries Stores Supermarkets Party Shopping… etc -Choose Your size, Pack, design and colour.

Affordably reduce your carbon footprint with packaging that’s healthy for you and nature. Our products are Eco-Friendly 100% Biodegradable, fully recyclable and compostable. They completely degrade in nature when disposed.

Premium Quality: Please note the bag’s material’s thickness and weight when comparing with other products. Our bags are outstandinglySturdy, 50-micron thick bags(any other thickness can be supplied to order) that offer a perfect and affordable eco alternative to conventional plastic bags. Durable, reusable, tear resistant, anti-bacterial, liquid repellent, washable, with strong handles that make them reliable for carrying shopping items with no risk of breaking.

• Vibrant colours: All colours are available.

• StylishVestdesign, strong built-in handles with maximised use of space, Foldable, lightweight, easy to carry, eye-catching hues. All designs including any prints are available to order.

• Handy Size: Medium: 10x15x18 Inches (25.5x38.1x45.7 cm) / Large: 11X17X21 Inches (27.9 x 43.2 x 53.3 cm) / XLarge: 13x19x23 Inches (33x48.2x58.4 cm). Any other sizesis available to order.

• Perfect for holding shopping items, goodies, gifts, arts, crafts, fruits, toys, vegetables, flowers, suits, biscuits, candies, cookies, snacks, iPhones, iPads, books and other shopping items for: shops, groceries, convenience stores, department stores, stalls, markets, parties, weekends, picnics, family events, festivals, carnivals and holidays.

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