Luxury Stylish Burlap Bottle Bags

• Affordably reduce your carbon footprint with packaging that’s healthy for you and nature. Our products are Eco-Friendly 100% Biodegradable. They completely degrade in nature when disposed.

Premium Quality:

Our bags are sturdy made from high qualitynatural jute/ burlap, Anti-wear, durable, reusable, tear resistant, breathable, washablewith strong rope strings that make them reliable for holding bottles and other items.

• Vibrant colours: 5Assorted classy Colours: Natural, Red, Blue, Black and Pink. All other colours are available to order.

• Stylish Design, that adds natural elegance and style to your gift, lightweight, eye-catching hues. Any designs and prints can be supplied to order

• Handy Size: 35X15 (13.8X5.9 Inches) with a drawstring that makes the bag easy to close and open. Any sizes are available to order.

Perfect for holding bottles of wine, Champaign and other bottles and items for: birthday, Christmas, Easter, Thanks Giving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Toddler, Baby Shower, Wedding and other parties, festivals, carnivals and holidays and for storage.

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