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100% Pure Natural Organic Pink Himalayan Salt from the Original Himalayas Mine Khewra Edible Granulated

A Healthier Alternative to regular table salt: Himalayan Salt is naturally pink in colour with extraordinary health benefits. Lower in sodium (which is often associated with some health issues) and naturally loaded with up to 84 other healthy minerals most of them are not found in regular salt

Our product is 100% Pure Natural Organic Pink Himalayan Salt Exclusively Extracted from the Khewra Salt Mine located in the Himalayas which is identified as the world’s Authentic source for this produce. Himalayan salt from this mine is believed to have been shaped from the evaporation of ancient bodies of water millions of years ago. It’s hand-mined with the lowest level of treatment. It’s unrefined and additive-free which makes it more natural than table salt

Healthier Tastier Eating: Just like regular salt, you can use Pink Himalayan salt to cook, grill, fry or sear. You can add it to sauces, marinades and any other foods as required. It can also be used to season meals and preserve food. Certified as food-safe

Multiple Non-dietary Benefits such as reduced aging signs, improved sleeping quality, better hydration, blood sugar regulation and increased libido. Moreover, Himalayan Salt bathing is recommended for enhancing skin and respiratory conditions and soothing sore muscles. It’s also popular to use it with an inner light as an air purifier

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